We help businesses save money, save energy, and automate their lights and thermostats.

A whole property controls, automation, and energy management solution.

Connect your entire property with one solution.

Indoor, Outdoor, and HVAC control

With Unifi any property owner can capture the significant energy savings achievable through the optimal usage of their lighting assets. Whether installed throughout a multi-site property portfolio or within a 1000 square foot retail shop, Unifi is the only Controls solution capable of scaling up or down to serve each property owners unique Controls requirements.

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Apps that make connecting easy and affordable.

Intuitive Controls

Control lighting and HVAC through a collaboration of schedules, sensors, and switches.


The intelligence and instructions come from our cloud, keeping existing hardware from becoming obsolete.

Flexible Configuration

Set up and change new scenes and areas quickly.

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Setting up new lighting should be simple.

Intuitive User Interface

Complete functionality with clutter-free control management tools.

Auto Commission

Quick and easy commissioning of lights, sensors, switches, and thermostats.

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Simple, Beautiful Apps

Take control with the simplest, most beautiful web apps in the industry.


Intuitive controls in the palm of your hands.

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    Scroll Assets as Cards

    Scroll to see all your assets with the swipe of a finger

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    Search and Filter

    No device is more than a quick search away

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    Easy Navigation

    Make easy transitions anywhere in the app

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    Quick Control

    Quickly turn on and off fixtures, areas, and scenes.

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    Drag to Dim

    Quickly see device state



Welcome to intuitive controls

  • - Manage all your devices from a single app
  • - Personalize with unique titles and icons
  • - Quickly search and filter
  • - Know what each device is doing - from inside the app

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Commission entire buildings in hours instead of days.

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    Auto-commission areas

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    Easily navigate between properties

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    Auto Discover

    Quickly commission new fixtures, switches, and sensors by letting UNIFI discover them.

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    Quickly identify fixtures as you go by strobing them right from the discover menu.


Quick Discover Tools

Automate the setup of your devices.

  • - Quickly commission areas by turning on the lights and tapping go.
  • - Create new areas or add the newly discovered fixtures to existing areas.
  • - No more sitting behind a PC. Commission as you walk the property from your tablet or mobile device

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Smart tools to manage your savings and administer your network.

Controls for all your lights

Whether you want to retrofit existing lights with inexpensive modules or invest in lights with embedded wireless capabilities, Unifi connects them all with our passport gateway.

unifi™ passport

The low-cost coordinator that bridges the connection between the cloud and your lighting fixtures.

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unifi™ relay

Wirelessly enable any fixture to communicate with our Unifi platform

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Manufacturer lighting

The unifi™ platform delivers efficiency through cost effective controls. It works with existing fixtures with our add-on module, or purchase fully integrated solutions from one of our manufacturer partners.

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Open by Design

Unifi was built to be open. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers, created solutions for facility managers and lighting designers, and built our code with a robust API for third-party developers. Find out more about how we are working hard to make controls easy and accessible to the entire industry.


Let us do the hard work of making your products easy to control.

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Need specific solutions for your clients? We give you options when the others try to lock you in.

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Have ideas for taking controls to the next level? Get started with our API and let your creativity shine.

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